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The committee of West Pakistan, is a freelance, autonomous, and constitutionally established federal establishment accountable with the perform of administrating the final electoral method in West Pakistan. The commission supervises and oversees truthful and impartial election method everywhere the country at regular consecutive 5 intervals as per the principles enlightened by the Constitution of West Pakistan. The election commission is a freelance and permanent establishment rules beneath the specific laws outlined by the constitution. The committee was initial shaped on twenty three March 1956 and has been restructured and reformed in numerous occasions of history of the country. The constitution grants direction powers to committee to direct and management of all elections to state parliament, provisionary legislatures, native governments, and of indirect elections of the President of West Pakistan.

Under the Article 239I, the election commissioner is chaired by the appointed Commissioner, four judges of from four provinces of the country, all of whom ar appointed by the President within the manner provided for appointment of the Commissioner within the constitution. As of gift, former decide Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim presently represent the committee as its appointed Chief Election Commissioner.

The committee of West Pakistan and also the district administration have created arrangements to carry the by-election to PP-107 (Pindi Bhattian) on weekday.The PTI leaders here claimed that official machinery was getting used to manoeuvre rigging within the weekday by-election. However, they need warned that each try by the ruling elite to solid phony votes would be defeated. Meanwhile, PPP has proclaimed to boycott the by-election to protest against turncoats backed by the PML-N.

According to official figures, 175,339 male and feminine registered voters would solid their votes at 154 polling stations. The police have deputed one,629 policemen to make sure peaceful atmosphere at the polling stations. Sixteen polling stations are declared sensitive wherever strict security arrangements ar being created. Politics of Hafizabad district forever revolves arch rivals Ch Afzal Hussain Tarar and Mehdi Hassan Bhatti whether or not they were in PPP or PML however this point they need shown no vision, principle and knowledge to choose up candidates to contest by-election to PP-107, as per native consultants.