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Gang Involved In Smuggling Girls To QATAR, DUBAI

FIA Raid and ARRESTED LAHORE Gang involved in smuggling girls to Middle East smashed

A Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Lahore team initial Friday smashed a gang of human smugglers, who have allegedly smuggled over 100 fresh girls to Middle East for club dance and night functions, until nowadays.

The team, led by Inspector Mian Muhammad Anwar, constables Muhammad Akmal and Muhammad Imran, with the help of Sabzazar police, raided Aslam Building near Shah Noor Studios and arrested four human smugglers. Those arrested were gang leader Ali Pathan, and his accomplices Liaquat Ali, Shahbaz Ali Khan and Husnain Basharat.

The squad also arrested two young girls, real sisters, after the two-room flat, who remained being blackmailed by the suspect. They were told to get ready to do in dance bars in Middle East else their objectionable videos and photos would be uploaded onto social media.

The raiding crew moreover recovered 31 passports of young girls, 57 video cassettes, 180 photos, albums, DVDs, fake medial certificates, computers, stamp papers, cheque books, etc., from the flat as well.

Inspector Mian Anwar told The News on Friday the both women, Hina Basharat, 25, and Sunaina Basharat, 26, told them that they had visited the Gulf countries thrice on different occasion in the past and now they were being blackmailed by the smugglers to visit those countries again for working in dance clubs.

“Our snapshots and videos are in the possession of Ali Pathan,” the girls said.

They said the smugglers guaranteed them of paying Rs300,000 for a three-month trip for dance in different bars. Hina and Sunaina told the FIA the smugglers charged Rs100,000 from each girl before handing them their passports to authorization for Middle East. The sisters told the FIA they were not paid the swore money in lump sum but in portions.

The inspector believed the raiding team recovered at least 47 stamp identifications in which about 13 different conditions were stated. How the girls should move around in the Gulf countries and what they should do if they get pregnant, etc., were among some of the terms and conditions, he said. Together the sisters further stated the smugglers had grew their signatures on a blank paper. The girls told the FIA crew they were undertaking all that only because of poverty.

The inspector said all the recovered material would be sent to forensic lab for tests.