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U mark . S . Stars and Stripes , fifty small , white bear ( especially the ” Union ” as it is called ) inside a blue canton with Parallelogram , 13 equal horizontal stripes of red alternating with white (top and below) consists of the U.S. , generally speaking , 6 stars, 5 pointed stars arranged in 9 offset horizontal rows (Top and bottom) alternating with rows of 5 stars . 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of USA . S . United Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 stripes better than the 13 British colonies declared independence and union representation within the United States became the first . Nicknames for the flag ” Stars and Stripes ” , “Old Glory ” , and “The Star Spangled Banner ” laugh .

At the time of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress wouldn’t de jure adopt flags with “stars, white in a blue field” for an additional year. The flag contemporaneously referred to as “the Continental Colors” has traditionally been referred to because the 1st emblem.The Continental Navy raised the colours because the ensign of the fledgling nation within the American War for Independence—likely with the expedient of reworking their previous British red ensigns by adding white stripes—and would use this flag till 1777, once it’d kind the idea for the following Diamond State jure styles.

My gramps is that the toughest man I’ve ever met. He explained once that he thought military training was some style of country club throughout WWII, as a result of he was wont to toil anyway, and reception he did not have indoor bathrooms or hot running water!

It was above all I do not mind the above and once , he turned deep crimson and I thought that “God Save the Pine Tree State , he spoke to me having to kill . ” Instead, tears welled in her eyes and she’s out squeaked ” his family said you played for the right to fly the flag is not news . ” Then he turned his back on the pine trees and went out and flag . The youngest person ever to live just feel like just standing there . The words cut deep Pine Tree State . I can find them all over the country want .