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Baldia Factory Karachi Truth Exposed

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Who Fired Baldia Factory, Agencies Exposed the Secret!

Karachi Baldia town factory incident was the worst incident in Pakistan history the incident takes more then 400 lives of people working in the baldia factory.
After this painful and worst incident a joint investigation team was form consist of pakistan intelligence ISI officers, Police and other law enforcement agencies. They made a report on this incident and submitted into Sindh High court. According to JIT A political party is involve in the fire of Baldia Factory. The Factory was set on Fire due to non payment of Extortion amount. The Baldia factory owner had refuses to pay large amount of extortion and due to this the worker of A local political party who claim the mandate of whole city set the factory on fire with chemicals which taken away hundreds of Lives.
Rangers submitted there investigated report to sindh highcourt.