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Petals on the Wind VC Andrews in 1980, is a novel written by. This is the second book in the series Dollanganger. November 1960 in the fall of 1975 timeline siblings’ successful escape takes place. The book, just like the others in the series, the best selling varieties in North America was within the initial 98.

Petals on the Wind picks up right wherever the previous book, Flowers within the Attic, left off: with Cathy, Chris, and Carrie traveling by bus to Florida when escaping Foxworth Hall. Still weak from the results of the poison that killed her twin Cory, Carrie gets sick on the bus and different passengers complain. Suddenly enrietta “Henny” Beech, an oversized African-American mute woman, rescues them and takes them to the house of her leader, 40-year-old widowman Dr. Paul urban center of Clairmont, South geographical area. initially the kids refuse to reveal their identities, however once Cathy is convinced that Dr. Paul genuinely cares and can be ready to facilitate them, she tells him their horrible story of being fast up for three years and poisoned by their mother and grandma. He convinces them to remain and applies for and eventually receives custody of them.

Petals on the Wind airs tonight! If you are a fan of V.C. Andrews Flowers within the Attic/Dollanganger series, this TV pic has been an extended time coming back. and people World Health Organization tuned in earlier this year for Flowers within the Attic square measure doubtless curious what happened next. Petals on the Wind answers that question, then some! We’ve already hashed out our thoughts on the book-to-screen adaptation for this Flowers within the Attic followup. whereas we have a tendency to were compelled to try and do slightly of carping there, as a TV pic sequel to the Flowers within the Attic pic that airy earlier this year, Petals on the Wind offers many drama as it brings US into the lives of the Dollanganger siblings a decade when the events of the primary film.

Flowers within the Attic told the story of 4 siblings whose father died and whose mother then fast them away within the upstairs room and attic of a mansion whereas she tried to regain an area in her father’s can. Abuse, incest and eventually escape ensued.