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I won’t go to Chennai for Informal bowling test, Says Ajmal

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Pakistan suspend off spin bowler Saeed Ajmal say he would choose England over India to have an intimate bowling test to on his corrected bowling action to revive his career.

“I will be going for the informal test later this month and it will not be to the bowling center in Chennai. I prefer to take the test in England,” Ajmal said.

Saeed Ajmal, formerly the world No. 1 bowler, who has been restricted from international cricket is confident of clear his action this time

He also cleared that the critics who are wondering his power to be good as before with his corrected bowling action said He still has few surprises up his sleeves

“I have worked on several new deliveries and trajectories in my new action and they are all wicket taking deliveries. So I am not worried about my ability to be as effective as before. Right now my concern is my modified action is within the ICC limit,” he stated.

The off-spinner said he is frustrated by his absence from the World Cup as he always enjoyed bowling on Australian pitches which are famous for their bounce.