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Imran Khan PTI Chairman to Announce His Wedding Soon

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Imran Khan PTI Chairman and cricket legend will formally announce he has married a former BBC weather girl on Friday.


Cricket Sportsman turned politician Imran Khan will formally announce his marriage on Friday, sources at a PTV station have said.
It is understood Imran Khan’s new wife Reham – the former BBC weather report girl he wed in secret last month – has invited colleagues to the announcement.
the private news channel AAJ TV where she works, also revealed the new Mrs Imran Khan has also invited her make up artist to Friday’s event, although Mr Imran Khan officially confirmed they were married yesterday.


The 41-year-old lived in Britain for part of her previous marriage, when she was a weather girl and presenter on BBC regional news programme South Today

The source added: ‘She has also shown willingness to start her regular programme for TV from next week.’