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Magician rips his own heart out never seen magic in your life

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Magic Tricks are one of the most awe inspiring things there can be in this world. Magic Tricks are existed since the beginning of mankind. Magic Tricks has had many types and categories. it illustrated in movies is usually super natural stuff which is unlikely and non-believed to be possible in the real world. All of us may have read stories and myths on great magicians and genies in history books and in movies. But when It comes to magic in the actual world, most activists that appear as some sort of super natural magicians in front of the people, are actually just basically illusionists and nothing more.

One question that comes to mind is, that how can an illusion be so perfect and disguising. Good question! Illusions can take our eyes by surprise. Sometimes, some illusions are so perfectly arranged in front of the bare human eyes, that its almost impossible to figure out that what’s being seen by the eyes is/are actually one or more illusions blended together to make them look supernatural, magical or alienist.

In today’s world, you would have heard or world’s famous magicians like MR. Chris Angel and David Blaine. Well, no disrespect to the former, but Blaine is known for his extremely horrific, dangerous and creepy magic tricks which would leave any sane human person with his/her head in his/her’s hands.