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Altaf Hussain was born in Karachi 17-09-1953 . Politicians of Pakistan and Pakistan on the basis of the World Health Organization and most of the Islamic Republic fugitive , a British Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM ) based in Karachi leads . Ghalib Hussain Karachi belongs to the immigrant community , their oldsters Agra , the Islamic Republic of Pakistan living in captivity Asian country . Asian lives in London with Hussain and he applied and was granted political asylum in 1992 as a UK maintains . Hussein to defend the interests of the immigrant community within the Nineteen Eighties on MQM , Muslim Urdu speaking family, the World Health Organisation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan during the Liberation Prisoners of the country , in 1947 . The strong sector of MQM Unit Urban Karachi and Hyderabad , Sindh . At the time of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan MQM in the National Assembly has the fourth largest company . MQM ’90s, a major component of various governments from being enjoyed great influence .

A moot figure at the smallest amount, critics claim that Hussain and his party showed a readiness to use violence to fight for power. He and is his party has long been suspect of getting an smuggled armed wing intimately concerned in Karachi’s criminal economy of medication, extortion and land thieving. On twenty might 2013, Imran Khan suspect Hussain of being directly concerned within the murder of his party leader Zahra Shahid Hussain. Hussain presently faces allegations of murder of his party leader Dr Imran Farooq, hiding and hate speech, the case is below investigation by the police force. On July 3, 2013, Metropolitan Police Service raided Husain’s house and appropriated just about £1 million below the payoff of the Crime Act. On July 4, 2013 Hussain was interrogated for seven hours in reference to hiding case. On eight July 2013, BBC News referred to as Hussain “one of Pakistan’s longest-serving and most powerful and dissentious politicians.”

:Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is holding a commonness rally to indicate harmony with the founder party leader Altaf Hussain on might twenty five, 2014. The commonness rally would even be unionized in alternative elements of the country together with interior Sindh, MQM added. The voters of Karachi can pop out in support of ‘the leader of the movement’ Altaf Hussain thereon day. It’s reaching to be a landmark occasion and preparations are completed, MQM leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui aforementioned at a conference on weekday. He abreast of media the rally would begin from Tibet Centre in Saddar. He aforementioned peace of country was related to the peace in Karachi. Targeted operation in Karachi ought to continue however it ought to turn out fruitful results.

He hoped problems with Hussain’s National positive identification for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) would be resolved presently. He aforementioned conspiracies were being hatched on national and international level, however we have a tendency to were with Altaf Hussain, he added. MQM leader aforementioned they were being pushed to the wall. we have a tendency to area unit with Altaf Hussian and that we would reach to our destiny. He aforementioned rally would be one in all the most important of the country. The Karachi targeted operation mustn’t be applied against the party World Health Organization has sole mandate of the individuals of Karachi. The MQM ought to be as a neutral within the operation. Karachi, the town serving the country economically was being treated like stepparent. an enduring peace and harmony in Karachi is in favour of the country as Karachi is that the main economic and industrial hub of the country.