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did you ever seen “Muhammad ali” as offensive? have a look on priyanka chopra as marry kom

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Mary Kom is an inspiring woman and a talented actress Priyanka Chopra. And yet, one of Chopra India’s sports icons appear, from the Hindi film industry has had with the old problem of representation is perpetuated. For years, Bollywood actors have ignored the religious and ethnic minorities, and the same characters from the above groups. For a country that prides itself on diversity, why our cinema is so distinctive?


Long, on-screen characters Cameco relief Farah coin which men with names like Happy Singh, were included in the story for laughs. Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan the main characters played by the likes of Bhagat Singh and Sikh men in the film Gadar, Donning, she came to the turban and beard for the occasion.


The true Sikh turban and talented actors with real beard, that such a trend would seem by. The problem is Kinng, Love Aaj Kal, the rocket’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Singh and Singh continued with such films – the main character a Sikh, a Sikh, played by actors, if one of them does not.