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A Saudi citizen gets married for just a single joke

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Saudi Arabia RIYADH: A married man in Saudi Arabia gets married to a new lady just due to one joke. That person friends asked him and force him to go up to an old man and ask him for marry with his teacher daughter. This incident is happened when victim man was attending a engagement ceremony of his younger sister in southern city of Jazan in saudi arabia. That Man accepted the challenge of friend and went up to old man in the ceremony and ask him that he want to marry with his daughter. Older man initially astonished very much but after few seconds of time older man accepted his proposal and called the religious man who was also attending ceremony, asked him to begin procedure for another marriage.

Saudi Arabia Man just surprised and said he was just kidding and this proposal is due to my friends bet. According to media he said, “I am sorry, it was just joke. I don’t even have enough money to get married or to pay for the dowry”.

However older man the father of lady insisted him regularly and promised him to improve financial conditions. However, the religious man refused to hand over the contract until the new bride and groom undergoes the required medical checkup.

“The friends who started the dare game celebrated the wedding of the groom with great funfare lolz”