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A Lady put a dangerous snake in the Jungle and park

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pagel pan lady put a snake in the park

A Beautiful Lady did a crazy act and put a snake in the park.

We all know that the snake is the most dangerous and deadly reptile of the world and it may cause the death if the snake bite.
All the people in the world are afraid of the snakes and this is the creature if a dangerous snake bites then the dead will be occur in some few minutes and may be there is no chance to get out of the deadly poison of that snake on run time.

This is truth and it is known every person. but that Lady doesn’t know the she did that disaster in the park. In the city of the china a girl has put the snake in the public park and she herself thin as the hero and she had some pictures of that incident which shows that lady is put some very deadly and dangerous snakes into the park and lady think that she had done some exciting but she never knows her act can take someone life and the people may be killed by snake.
According to police of the china the lady has been arrested and has been under investigation and they also said that all the people in park are safe now.there Is no news about the killing of any people by the snake and they are doing what they can do.