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Michael Jace was born in July 13, 1965. He is an american actor. He asterisked in State of Play with Russell Crowe. he’s best familiar for his role as la lawman Julien Lowe a Christian World Health Organization is conflicted concerning his gender, within the FX drama The Shield. He are often seen in Marshall Cook’s next motion-picture show, Division III: Football’s Finest.

He conjointly has asterisked within the movies The Replacements, taking part in a jail inmate turned soccer player; Forrest Gump, playing a member of the Black Panthers; The Fan, taking part in an american self-important price ticket scalper; also as an american array of TV appearances as well as the 1995 HBO TV motion-picture show gladiator (as boxer Mitch Green), Law & Order, Cold Case, and also the 1999 Fox TV motion-picture show Michael Jordan: an american American Hero (as Jordan).

“The Shield” star Michael Jace was charged early Tuesday with the shooting death of his wife at their Los Angeles home, authorities said.

The 48-year-old was detained by LAPD officers shortly after the tragic death of April Jace at their Hyde Park home.

The New Jersey-born actor was later charged with her murder, Los Angeles Police Detective Lyman Doster told CNN.
Cops found April Jace, 40, dead from gunshot wounds at around 8:30 p.m. when the couple may have gotten into an argument.

Officers responded to the 5400 block of South Brynhurst Avenue (map) around 8:30 p.m. Monday night, according to Detective Sal LaBarbera with the Los Angeles Police Department.

When they arrived, officers discovered that Jace’s mate April, 40, had been shot multiple times, LaBarbera same.