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Courage to see a girl that She was married 23 times.

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Spanish police have arrested two teenage, one of them was 14-year-old and second one was 19-year-old, on suspected of trying to join Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


Officials stopped the girls as they tried to enter Morocco allegedly to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The interior ministry said in a statement that the detention of two women recruited for jihad is a remarkable and unprecedented event in Spain. Police told to media that girl, who could not be identified because she is a minor, was just 14-year-old and 19-year-old girl was named as Fauzia Allal Muhamamd and both are Spanish citizens.

Spanish authorities released a video footage in which it is showed that two teenagers, both covered in black niqab, being led away from a small propeller plane, each flanked by balaclava-clad security men. Spanish interior ministry said that both were trying to cross the border to Morocco with the objective of contacting the network which would move them immediately to a conflict zone between Iraq and Syria.

According to interior ministry of Spain, “The recruitment of a minor showed that the network had no regard for its targets’ sex, age or personal situation.” It is remembered that Spain this year celebrated the 10th anniversary of the March 11, 2004, Al-Qaeda-inspired bombing of four passenger’s trains, which killed 191 people. Since the train bombings, more than 470 suspected Islamic extremists have been arrested in Spain.