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Aamir Khan’s Strip-On-Bigg-Boss-8 Challenge For Salman Khan!

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Aamir Khan, one of the closest friends of Salman Khan, has expressed his interest in waiting to see if Salman Khan would strip on Bigg Boss 8 to promote his film PK since he had worn a hat in Bigg Boss 7 to promote Dhoom 3.¬†Aamir’s film PK is in the news, specially regarding the controversial poster of the film. The poster which has Aamir standing naked holding a transister, has made headlines for it’s extreme boldness.


Now, Aamir wonders if Salman would strip on his show to promote his film this time. Aamir Khan: “I want to see Salman Khan strip for ‘PK’, after he wore my hat to promote ‘Dhoom 3’ on his reality show.”


Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 8 will be going on air in September and is already making a lot of buzz. The show which has many celebrities gracing the show to promote their respective films had Salman Khan himself promote Dhoom 3 in the previous season by sporting the hat Aamir wore in the film.¬†Let’s wait and watch if Salman, who has never been shy to show off his body will, after all, do some stripping on the show for his best bud, Aamir.