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Revealing Truth: Ranbir admits being married? Must Watch and Share

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Bollywood top actor Ranbir Kapoor has said that his co-star Katrina Kaif is his ‘old friend’ and also scotched reports of his marriage with her anytime soon.

Bollywood top actor Ranbir also rubbished reports that he met Bollywood top actress Katrina’s mother in London recently. “I have known Katrina for many years now. She is an old friend. It’s wrong (rumour of him meeting Katrina’s mother),” he told reporters at an event here.


Though Bollywood top actor Ranbir’s cousin actress Bollywood top actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is quite open about her personal life, the actor prefers to love his personal space. “To each to his own. She (Kareena) is ok (talking about personal life) but that does not mean I would also share the same view.

Reacting to reports that he and Bollywood top actress Katrina may tie a knot in 2015, Bollywood top actor Ranbir said, “I am not thinking of marriage…I am married to films. I am not getting married this year or next year.”


I would not like talking about my personal life, Bollywood top actor Ranbir said. It became apparent that Bollywood top actor Ranbir and Katrina are in a relationship after photographs showing them together holidaying at a beach in Ibzia, Spain, went viral last year. However, both of them never come on record saying they are in any relationship.