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Stephen Sutton (16 December 1994 – fourteen could 2014) was a British blogger and charity activist identified for his blog “Stephen’s Story” and his young Cancer Trust charity for the help of teenagers with cancer. As of 14 could 2014, Sutton had raised £3,367,960.53, quite triple the first goal.

Sutton was born on 16 December 1994, and attended primary and Gymnasium in his home city of Burntwood. During his youth, Sutton was a awfully active kid, collaborating in sports and athletics, significantly long-distance running and football.

Chase Terrace Technology School, 2012 Sutton graduated with straight, and was interviewed at Cambridge Universityto review
medication, moreover as universities in Leicester and city. He later withdrew his applications before getting a finding, once his cancer decided to be incurable.

Prime Minister David Cameron, United Nations agency met the tiddler last week, same on Twitter: “I’m deeply saddened to
listen to that Sir Leslie Stephen Sutton has died.

“His spirit, bravery and fundraising for cancer analysis were all a plan.”

Opposition leader male erecticle dysfunction Miliband added: “Tragic news that Sir Leslie Stephen Sutton has kicked the bucket. His bravery & determination to measure life to the complete was a plan to North American country all.”

Many of these donating praised his bravery throughout his battle with cancer, describing him as american “inspirational young man” and a “hero”, whereas others paid respect to his “spirit” and “bravery”.

His mother Jane Sutton discharged a press release on the Stephen’s Story Facebook page confirming his death, wherever she
same her heart is “bursting with pride”.