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Solange Knowles

Solange Jean Piaget Knowles (born St John’s Day, 1986). she is an american songwriter, singer, and model. Solange was born in the city Houston, TX to Matthew and Tina Knowles, each of them left their careers to support their older sister’s recording interests whose name was Beyonce. Expressing an interest in music from early age, Solange had many temporary stints in Destiny’s kid, before linguistic communication along with her father’s Music World recreation label. Aged 16th, Knowles free her 1st studio album Solo Star (2003) to moderate business and demanding success.

Knowles is heavily influenced by port woman teams. And says her first hobbey is songwriting. She has been recognised as a model and has received frequent comparisons to sister Beyonce from the media, though insists they need totally aspirations and ar musically different. Her alternative ventures embody associate degree endorsement subsume Rimmel London and a line of hip-hop-oriented merchandise for young kids, that was galvanized by her son.

Knowles cites as her influences port woman teams like The Supremes and also the Marvelettes, and Martha Reeves, lead singer of Martha and also the Vandellas. She additionally listened to the music of English pop singer unclean Springfield, and in line with Knowles, her “greatest music influence” is her mother, Tina Knowles, World Health Organization was a one-time member of the Nineteen Sixties harmony cluster The Veltones. Knowles says her 1st passion is writing songs. Her early writings were immensely galvanized by the genre of French author Paul Verlaine. She has been doing this since she was 9 years recent, and has collaborated with variety of songwriters and producers.

The alleged attack, that seems from the tape to depict the singer kicking and lashing out at her in-law as her older sister watches on, was captured by police investigation from the elevator within the commonplace edifice in the big apple. Solange also can be seen being restrained by a protect, as Jay Z tries to carry onto her foot to prevent her from lashing out. The protect then seems to hit the emergency carry button once they reach the twelfth floor. in line with TMZ, World Health Organization obtained the footage, the 3 then exited the building. Beyoncé and Solange got into one vehicle, whereas Jay Z was escorted into another by security.