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Maryam Nawaz Run from Home

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Maryam Nawaz suspected relationship with Captain Safdar. After This Scandal They got Married. Scandal of Maryam Nawaz is enough in past. Maryam was Born in Lahore in 1973. She is the Only Daughter of nawaz Sharif. Maryam mother’s name is Kulsoom Nawaz. When the scandal ascended she was studying in Lahore. After the scandal, Nawaz Sharif had decided the marriage of Maryam and Captain Safdar. When she was studying in lahore many scandal ascended by Maryam. Scandal came on Daily Basis about Maryam. A News Came in Social media that Ahsan Iqbal and Mary had the wrong connection. The Muslim League did not deny any of this news. Maryam and Captan Safdar Does not Seen as an ideal Pair. Keep in mind that Captain Safdar join in politics. Due to These Scandals Nawaz Sharif Lost the Membership of Captain Safdar in Muslim League. It was also heard that Maryam Sharif was glad with her Dad’s decision. Maryam is presently participating actively in politics. Now she is the Head of Pakistan Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Scheme.

These days Captain Safdar and Maryam Nawaz Scandal is very famous in few days back. Rumours blowout that Maryam Nawaz runs away with Captain Safdar and wedded with out any authorisation from family members. Maryam Nawaz Scandal with Captain Safdar Hot Pictures. Here is the Scandal and Pictures of Captain Safdar and Hot Maryam Nawaz. Few years ago, a scandal was appeared that she got admittance in medical college with dishonest ways. Maryam Nawaz is belonged to the business cum political Sharif family of Pakistan. She is the granddaughter of Muhammad Sharif, who is a industrialist and philanthropist. She is the only one daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. We will share more pictures of Maryam Nawaz hot sexy beauty with in few days.

maryam nawaz have very cute smile

maryam nawaz have very cute smile