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Dunniya New:- Indian Actress Monika Converts as Muslim

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Indian actress Monika a.k.a. Rekha Maruthiraj, South Indian south actress has converted to Islam. The actress acted in more than 70 films of different Indian languages like Hindi, Malyalam, Telugu and Kannada.

She also told the media that she started to follow the teachings of Islam back in the year 2010. However, she decided to announce it now to avoid getting film role offers and to remove doubts in the minds of many people, she said in a press meeting.

The lady also added that her parents Maruti Raj and Gracy supported her in this decision. She was inspired towards its teachings and this religion has given peace and solace to her life.”

She also informed the media that this would be the end of her acting career. “I didn’t convert for the reason of love or money; I am not such a person. I like Islamic principles so I converted to Islam. I will intimate about my marriage to media once arranged by my parents and I really thank my dad for his full support. Hereafter, I won’t work in films”.