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24 is an american tv series created for the Fox network and syndicated worldwide, stellar Kiefer Dame Joan Sutherland as Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer. every 24th episode season covers 24 hours within the lifetime of Bauer, mistreatment the important time methodology of narration. Premiering on Gregorian calendar month vi, 2001, the show spanned 192 episodes over 8 seasons, with the series finale broadcast on national holiday, 2010. additionally, a tv film, 24: Redemption, was broadcast between seasons six and seven. Fox declared in might 2013 that twenty four would come back as a twelfth episode series titled 24: Live Another Day that debuted on May 5, 2014.

24 may be a serial drama that stars Kiefer Dame Joan Sutherland as Jack Bauer, that specialize in the efforts of the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit, and their efforts to shield America from act of terrorism plots. every episode usually follows Bauer, officials in the U.S. government, and also the conspirators behind the events of the day, typically at the same time. The episodes occur over the course of 1 hour, representational process events as they happen, in real time. to emphasise the real-world flow of events, a clock is conspicuously displayed on-screen throughout the show, and there’s an everyday use of split screens, a way accustomed depict multiple scenes occurring at an equivalent time. It is the Age of the TV Reboot: put aside revivals of “Futurama” and “Arrested Development” within the last many years, and we’ve still got “Veronica Mars,” “Girl Meets World” and “The Comeback,” to call a number of. Plus, the large one that premiered Monday night: “24.”

The highly-anticipated “24: Live Another Day” — stellar original actors as well as Kiefer Dame Joan Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub Kim Raver and additional — taken off with a two-hour premiere as Jack Bauer hurried, yet again, to save lots of the planet when being off the grid (and TV schedule) for four years. and that we will make sure that if you’re within the mood to dive into a rebooted series and finally perceive what most are talking/tweeting concerning, “24? may be a good possibility.