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University of Alabama officers confirmed the death of John Servanti, a member of the school’s swimming and diving team,
Tuesday morning.

Servati 21, was killed Monday night throughout the violent storms and tornadoes that sweptwing through the town space.

He died at DCH Regional center in town once being burned within the basement of a house close to field, according
to the team’s statement.

“I perceive that he was in an exceedingly house off-campus and was hit by a wall,” faculty interpreter Shane Dorrill aforementioned (via ESPN). “I don’t acumen it happened. I do know he was with his girlfriend and she is uninjured.”

In a AL.com report, Megan Brantley, a proponent for town of town, aforementioned a then-unidentified 21-year-old man was
killed once making an attempt to carry up a wall once it folded on him.

Alabama swimmer Pakistani monetary unit Rae Gwarjanski tweeted that Servati was a “hero,” as a result of his actions allowed his girlfriend to flee injured.

Servati, a Tupelo, Miss., native competed in backstroke and race events for Alabama and was a Dean’s List student.

“John Servati was a unprecedented young man of nice character and heat United Nations agency had a enormously giving spirit,” Alabama coach Dennis Pursley aforementioned in an exceedingly statement. “During this unbelievably tough time, our thoughts and prayers exit to his family and to all or any United Nations agency had the nice fortune to grasp him. He can forever be in our hearts and a district of the Crimson Tide legacy.”