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National Day Of Prayer

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National Day of Prayer (119 § 36 USC) designated the first Thursday in May , the annual day of observance held on
By the U.S. Congress , people ” turn to God in prayer and meditation ” to be called on. Every year since
Inception , the president of all Americans to pray on this day motivated, have signed a declaration . Modern Law
Formalizing 1952 in its annual ban was imposed , however , the day of prayer , has been called for since 1775 when
Continental Congress in establishing a new country designated a time for prayer .

National Day of Prayer constitutional freedom of religion by failing was challenged in court
After their first attempt Foundation in April 2011 , a federal appeals court unanimously rejected was from .
Long -time readers may remember , today is the first Thursday in May , to have been appointed by order of Congress
Public service as ” National Day of Prayer . ”

In recent years , some media or the Conservative Party opposes President Obama has tried to eliminate , or so it is argued that ” Holiday ” but fears are unrealistic . The President , like all modern presidents , has released its annual National Day Prayer proclamations, and the latest was this morning .

“One of our Nation’s great strengths is the freedom we hold dear, including the freedom to exercise our faiths freely. For many Americans, prayer is an essential act of worship and a daily discipline.

For many Americans , the daily discipline of prayer and worship is an important task .

“Today and every day , prayer , healing for those who are sick , comfort for those who mourn, for protection will be asked to Those in harm’s way , and the strength to lead . Today and every day , there will be forgiveness and reconciliation
Sought through prayer . Across our country , as Americans, including the freedom to pray , give thanks for our many blessings