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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, antecedently referred to as decision of Duty 2014, is an american approaching person shooter targeted at each Next generation and current generation hardware. Recently developed with advanced skills in

Considering the power of the platform, game publisher Activision games by the sledgehammer is under development.
Advanced Warfare was discovered via video leak throughout the 1st hours of May 1, 2014. Activision capable the leak by
releasing a high-resolution official trailer inside hours.

According to what knowledge we’ve obtainable to North American country, decision of Duty as a series peaked in 2011 with the record breaking trendy Warfare 3. After that, Black Ops a pair of oversubscribed a trifle less. then then, decision of Duty: Ghosts oversubscribed quite an bit less indeed. whereas trendy Warfare three seems to own oversubscribed regarding 29 million copies at retail, Ghosts, across its last and current gen platforms, solely oversubscribed regarding 12 .5 million mistreatment an equivalent metrics. although you don’t trust those numbers, even giving the game a couple of million bonus copies attributable to undisclosed digital sales, the gulf remains wide and also the trend still apparent.