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He was born in 15 july 1990. Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard is an American basketball game with the Portland goal guard
National Basketball Association ( NBA) Trail Blazers. He was the Associate All-American in 2010 . A 6 ft 3
Port , from California ( 1.91 m) guard in , Lillard Ogden , Utah, Weber State University collegiately content .
The overall 2012 NBA draft pick by Portland in the 1st round with the 6th was within the elite , and the NEM CON
Year of the 2012-13 NBA greenhorn . Lillard in 2013-14 for the NBA All-Star was named by coach Basic time .

A long time agone, Archangel Jordan Kobe Bryant once within a week , but they did not end with the final return was
Portland and the aforementioned garden , ” the League of Assassins completely welcome 2 AR.

Jordan owns a team of 51 at the moment, a rich man . Bryant competed in 2 years has not been created .

The show should have been to the postseason as the most competitive in the history seen by the 1st spherical .