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The Youngest Ph.D Scholar in UK

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The Youngest Ph.D Scholar in UK

Eugenie de Silva, a 15 years girl, studying in the college of Leicester is claiming to be the youngest Ph.D scholar in the United Kingdom. She is a research scholar in the department of political science. Earlier, she has set a world record of doing her Masters from Howard University as the youngest student.

The student is living in Tennessee (USA) and would continue her studies at college of Leicester through distance learning. She was interviewed by the professors on Skype and interviewers are confident about the abilities of Eugenie de Silva. Professor Phythian, Head of Politics, said that she had not given any concessions and she has been admitted purely on merit.

examinations during her period of study (3-6 years). Her father is a professor of Physics and Chemistry in a community college. He is originally Sri lankan. He moved from Sri lanka to United Kingdom. Afterwards, he migrated to United States.

He said that he was confident of the abilities of her daughter since her childhood. That’s why he paid special attention towards her education. Eugenie de Silva is also co-author of a textbook.