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Arizona Cardinals player who created headlines by preceding his career to enlist within the U.S. Army in May-2002. The Pentagon disclosed to his family over a month when his death that he died as a results of firing and not from an enemy attack, as originally rumored. Tillman was the first athlete to be killed in combat since Bob Kalsu of the Buffalo Bills in 1970. Tillman was posthumously promoted from Specialist to Corporal, and received the medal and therefore the Purple Heart.

Pat Tillman, the previous football player turned Army Ranger, was killed by friendly fire ten years agone nowadays in Afghanistan.
The military at the start informed to Tillman’s family that he was killed by the Taliban. It wasn’t until later that the Tillman family, and therefore the remainder of the country, learned the reality. Jon Krakauer, who spent years researching Tillman for his book, “Where Men Win Glory,” told ABC News in 2009 that Tillman was one hundred twenty feet removed from fellow yank troopers in Afghanistan within the final moments of his life.”[It’s] the distinction between second base and residential plate, and that they square measure simply unloading on these guys,” Krakauer aforementioned. “Tillman throws a smoke bomb to undertake and indicate they are friendlies — no good, they are shot and killed. and that is what happened.”
Here’s a glance back at 10 exalting moments from Tillman’s life — and the way his heritage lives on.