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The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this morning in a case that will decide the fate of Aereo, a young New York-based company that streams local broadcast television to customers’ computers, phones and tablets for $8 dollars each month.Aereo users who access them for free from many of the same local television channels will More traditional “Bunny ears ” antennas use . The company’s technology enables customers to Record and store television programs.

ABC , NBC , Fox and CBS , which broadcast networks , Aereo accused of illegally Copyright license without paying for the delivery of TV content . Aereo argues that its Service users an antenna and a DVR is legal to sell . The only difference is :The service operates in the cloud rather than a lump monthly rental fee of the sale price. Case Aereo Technology ” public performance” hinges on the question of the formation of Under copyright law . (Copyright material a buyer a “personal right Performance ” at home watching a movie , for example , but not a public one, namely that exposure Customers to pay in a theatrical film. ) Company in the face of overwhelming A New York Second Circuit Court and District Court trial of two broadcasters . A Judge Utah ruled against the company .The Supreme Court agreed to take the case until December , Aereo repeatedly faced the possibility of Service that provides legal challenges in each market . The court’s decision likely will decide The company’s fate once and for all.