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I llness is keeping legendary NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager out of action during the playoffs, but his son did an admirable job filling in for him Sunday during the Spurs-Mavs game — so much so that even one of the game’s most curmudgeonly coaches had to give both Sagers their due.In a statement issued weekday, the elder Sager discovered that a battle with leukaemia would sideline him from this year’s playoffs: My favorite time of year? City to city, round by round, 40 games in 40 nights. A dramatic turn has matched me with acute myeloid leukemia. From the sidelines to being sidelined, 40 veins and 40 electrolytes. Too bad, I had some probing questions for Pop.”While Sager himself might not are ready to chat with “Pop” (San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich), Sager’s son was ready to step in at the tip of the third quarter and do the honors.

Coach Pop is understood as a person of few words, and he is notoriously curt and cantankerous with the media. however during this rare and real moment, it’s clear however Pop feels regarding the sick Sager, a old fixture of the sport and one among basketball’s most picture journalists.In the video below, Popovich takes a prospect from the interview and directly addresses the camera: “You (Sager boy.) did a good job, however i might rather have your male parent standing here. … We want your fanny back on the court. i will promise i will be nice. come back to here. Good luck.”Sager Sr. and Pop go way back, a fact Sager Jr. pointed out in a recent tweet:”My favorite part of the playoffs and what I miss most. 2 different personalities, yet a mutual respect.”Popovich wasn’t alone in paying tribute to Sager on Sunday. Before the Spurs and Mavericks tipped off, the NBA on TNT crew — including Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal — donned “special Craig Sager throwback uniforms” to honor their colleague.“a small tribute to Craig Sager who has started his leukemia fight. Dressing like Sager #getwellsage