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Ola Westerberg

Skellefteå AIK may be a Swedish skilled hockey game club from Skellefteå, enjoying within the SHL, the very best tier of hockey game in Sweden. They play their games in Skellefteå kraft paper Arena, that seats six,001 spectators. The team has won the Swedish Championship doubly – in 1978 and 2013.Skellefteå AIK was based in 1921, though hockey wasn’t contend till 1943, with solely coaching matches being contend the primary season. within the 1943–44 season, the club contend within the native league Skellefteserien, that couldn’t be finished attributable to unsuitable hockey weather because the games were contend outdoors.

In 1955 Skellefteå qualified for the very best league in Sweden. Around this point the team was junction rectifier by the alleged “Mosquito Line”, that consisted of Anders “Akka” Andersson, “Garvis” Määttä and Kalle Hedlund. within the 1957–58 season they won the Allsvenskan’s northern cluster and later finished second in SM-serien, only 1 purpose behind the winner Djurgårdens IF. Skellefteå AIK then contend in Division one North till 1967. The club had difficulties qualifying for continued play within the Division one series however in 1975 the series was won and Skellefteå later finished in fourth place in SM-serien.When the Swedish Elite League beneath the name Elitserien was fashioned in 1975, Skellefteå AIK was one amongst the groups collaborating.

In the 1977–78 regular season Martin Karlsson junction rectifier the league in goals and points whereas Hardy Brigit Nilsson was the league’s most fined player. Skellefteå went on to win the playoffs junction rectifier by a robust performance by Göran Lindblom (five goals and 4 assists in 5 games), turning into Swedish champions in 1978, and in 1981 Skellefteå won the regular season series.

In 1985, the club’s hockey organization split from the mother club, and competed as Skellefteå HC till 1991, once the club would retake the Skellefteå AIK name.In 1990 Skellefteå was relegated however once sixteen seasons of play within the Swedish second league (Allsvenskan) Skellefteå once more qualified for the very best series and has contend in Elitserien since 2006–07.In their initial year once promoting from the Swedish second league to Elitserien, Skellefteå AIK became the simplest newcomer to Elitserien with seventy three points in fifty five games. At one purpose throughout the 2007–08 season Skellefteå junction rectifier the league for the primary time in thirty years, they conjointly qualified for the playoffs for the primary time since 1981 because the eighth seed. within the quarterfinals Skellefteå were overwhelmed by the ultimate champions HV71 by 4-1 in games. At the tip of the 2008–09 season Skellefteå qualified for the playoffs again; within the quarterfinals Skellefteå defeated Linköpings HC in seven games, and within the series Skellefteå came back from a 1-3 deficit to win 4-3. In game seven Skellefteå won Associate in Nursing overtime game that had gone to the sixth amount (and therefore had become the third longest game in Elitserien history) by a goal by Kimmo Koskenkorva. within the semifinals Skellefteå fell in four games to Färjestad atomic number 97 World Health Organization went on to win the Swedish championship.