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La Palma volcano, live updates today:

After the surge of stone throughout the past days at La Palma, the activity has currently born once more considerably,

but there’s a brand new signal of ground uplift, that suggests that a brand new batch of stone is on the increase

There is actually no sign of the eruption ending shortly.

The intense volcanic rock fountaining has already created a brand new cone adjacent and currently morphologically doubtless shortly merging with the most cone.

Lava flows continued to move close to the new vents and on the trail towards La lagoon.

Several volcanic rock flows descended from the vent space over a steep slope into the world of Tacande .

And therefore the northern margin of the prevailing volcanic rock flow field.

Latest knowledge

The area lined by volcanic rock flows stands at eleven.5 sq. kilometers and features a most breadth of three,350 meters.

It is calculable that one,548 buildings are destroyed in line with counts from the govt,

although satellite knowledge counsel a far higher count of two,860 buildings destroyed or broken up to now.

Seismicity remains intense, though has minimized once peaking throughout the day before yesterday and yesterday, once nearly four hundred quakes were recorded on day by day.

throughout the past twenty four hours, there have been “only” concerning one hundred fifty quakes of magnitudes higher than two.

The strongest quake was a wide felt magnitude four.2 quake at eleven klick depth this morning at five.14 a.m.

The locations of the earthquakes stay a similar, clustered in 2 layers, one between 30-40 klick depth .

And the alternative one at shallow depths between 10-15 klick, each below the central a part of the Cumbre Vieja volcano at La Palma.

it’s thought that these square measure the most storage areas of the stone feeding the eruption.