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Poland border crisis: ‘The risk of step-up is high’ says deputy secretary of state – BBC Newsnight

Ms Farkas has warned NATO is prepared to intervene if the migrant crisis isn’t resolved on the Poland borders.

Whereas conjointly job for a “humanitarian response”.

The former U.S.A. deputy assistant Defense Secretary insisted her country,

is prepared to deploy to watch the “dangerous situation” production at the border.

Hundreds of migrants are stilt up at the Polish border with Belarus.

(with Minsk defendant of producing a crisis to place pressure on its neighbour and on the ecu Union.)

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Ms Farkas said: 44

“We are going to be on this Polish borders if necessary.

“We area unit world organisation members. Article 5 implies that if there’s a threat to the integrity of the Polish state.

“I mean Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the EU Commission herself, thus not world organisation.

BBC Newsnight host Emily Maitlis asked:

“Can I simply press you there on once they say we are going to be there if necessary, this sounds pretty necessary currently.

“You’ve got one thousand individuals or additional corralled against a barbed-wire fence.

thus is it time to place troops on the border?”


Ms Farkas said:

“I suppose that there area unit different suggests that to handle this state of affairs on the border there between Belarus and Poland.

“And the Polish authorities have secured the world. Though that is solely a part of the solution.

“The real answer is to prevent the slow because the Polish minister himself same,

we can’t have these individuals being lured beneath false pretenses, primarily trafficked to Belarus.

“In addition thereto, of course,

For people who area unit stuck within the border space and in Poland and in Belarus,

we’d like to own a humanitarian response.”