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Carl Bernstein : US is in a civil war-

On CNN Fri, legendary scandal newsman Carl Leonard Bernstein refused to mince words about Civil.

Business the Republican Party instigators of a “Civil war” .

And moreover warns that the cultural tensions that light-emitting diode to the “Big Lie” concerning the 2020 election .

“Democracy is in peril as a result of the Republican Party become the party of Trumpism, and also the party of management,” said Leonard Bernstein.

It is a part of the massive Lie. The massive Lie isn’t regarding the lie that Donald Trump didn’t lose the election.

However rather it’s toward in 2024.
And the concept we take a tendency to square measure aiming to have another, quote, rigged election.

They’re setting this up so there is no legitimacy in our electoral method.”

Bernstein went on to decision the Republican Party subservient to “the most radical movement of our lifespan.”

“I assume what we actually ought to acknowledge here is that there is a tendency to square measure in a very warfare during this country,” said Leonard Bernstein about Civil War

And that the ideology of the Republican Party these days is sort of similar to a exponent movement during this country attributable to what the Republican Party currently advocates.

Trumpism does not would like Donald Trump any longer, he is spread-out the flames, he is lighted them and also the movement and that we would like in journalism.

Particularly within the media, to start out viewing what is going on on within the country outside of Washington.”