Home Breaking News Gas crises leaves Europe searching for solutions.

Gas crises leaves Europe searching for solutions.

Gas crisis leaves Europe looking for solutions

A surge in gas costs has hit customers and energy corporations within the Great Britain.

After knock-on effects for the food business and provides of dioxide.

Elsewhere in Europe, customers are facing a steep rise in energy bills, and governments area unit scrambling to assist.

The crisis highlighted the issue for Europeans in funding the move to renewable energy.

Corresponds: Europe

Here, 5 correspondents justifies it.

However completely different countries are unit responding.

Consumers bills obviously spiral here in recent months .

With the price of electricity increasing thirty fifth over the last year

Such as Energy costs in Spain are unit closely tied to the wholesale gas market .

Therefore the value per power unit hour for customers repeatedly hit new highs

“I was paying regarding €40 (£34) per month .

And currently i am paying €60,” Amparo Vega mentioned it.

Earlier this month, the coalition government of Prime Minister Pedro Taurus undraped measures geared .

Above all, They embrace tax cuts and a brief reduction in extraordinary profits .

The latter move draws criticism from the business.

Undoubtedly , the government processes that renewable energy suppliers exempts.

The government says its aim is to scale back electricity bills 0 over two hundredth at the tip of the year.

As winter approaches, customers like Ms Vega hope that happens.