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Sabina Nessa : Murder suspect questioned over teacher death

A murrder suspect questioned on suspicion of murdering grade school teacher Sabina Nessa, World Health Organization

She died in a very south-east London park.

Police believe she died shortly when going away her range in near Astell Road at regarding 20:30 BST the previous evening.

Heshows on CCTV walked at Pegler sq.

Wherever a vigi . Kidbrooke community cluster organized it.

Police said they are a part of the gathering.

Detail : Sabina Nessa

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Louisa Rolfe said the force wasn’t asking girls to vary their behaviour .

It comes when info sheets advising girls on the way to keep safe at the hours of darkness .

Community guide two-handed out it.

“It’s very vital to United States that we do not raise girls to vary their behaviour,” she said.

“Violence against girls and women are a priority for police across the united kingdom.

however we’re very acutely aware that girls ought .

That they unengagely approach their lives without concern of abuse.”

Another man in his 40s World Health Organization was continued suspicion of murder on Sunday has been discharged below more investigation.

As she walked to fulfill an acquaintance at The Depot bar,.

A journey that police said “should have taken simply over 5 minutes”.

Violence against girls “hallmarks of associate epidemic”.

“It are a few things that’s tolerated way an excessive amount of in society .

And that the police area unit determined to bring offenders to justice .

Moreover also to stop these offences wherever we will,” she said.

She asked anyone with info regarding Ms Nessa’s death .

So that come back forward.