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Facts about South Korea.

We are fond of Republic of South Korea for an extended time.

It’s a well-liked destination for our World Strikes ISA Custom Programs

Children born in Republic of Korea area unit thought-about “one year old” once they area unit born.

And can flip 2 on following satellite twelvemonth is command for the baby.

South Korea is the world leader in web property.

Just about ninety two of the country’s population are area unit web users.

And moreover they boast the world’s quickest average affiliation speed.

Taekwondo is the national sport of Republic of Korea.

It definitely possess fabricated just about a pair of,000 years past.

Lotte World, a significant recreation center in Seoul is home to at least one of the biggest indoor theme parks within the world.

Red ink is taken into account dangerous luck in Republic of Korea.

The number four takes account dangerous luck because it is constant approach .

Because the Chinese character for death. the amount is commonly replaced with the letter “F.”

” Have you eaten well ?” is such as common way of greeting of South Korea

“Have you consumed well?” is a common acknowledgement in Republic of Korea

Teaching is one in all the foremost prestigious and well-paying jobs within the country.

On average, academics build $2,500 per month with academics .

It is a law in Republic of Korea that on-line banking and looking through web soul.

The world’s initial astronomical workplace, Cheomseongdae Observatory, is found in Republic of Korea. it in-built the mid-600s.