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Clarissa Ward reveals hardest part of covering Afghanistan.

CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward cannot stop staring at the bruise on her arm. it is a reminder of her painful escape last week from Asian country.

At the tip of a visit reportage on the autumn of the Afghan government, Ward found the capital of Afghanistan airdrome crowded with folks eager to leave the country. She and her crew control hands and shaped a series, however once the gate to their flight opened, the group closed upon them.

“I was the last one [in line],” Ward says. “And this person on the opposite facet simply grabbed my arm and simply ripped ME through the door. And honestly, i believe all people were crying as a result of it absolutely was thus sorrowful and intense and visceral.”

She says that reportage on the religious movement is particularly difficult for feminine journalists.

“You’re basically invisible,” she says. “They do not check up on you. they do not address you. they do not consult with you. If you speak to them, they may reply to you, however they will not look in your direction.”

Ward says that rural Afghans have created what she calls a “Faustian bargain” with the Taliban: “People square measure tired and frightened, and that they simply wish peace.”

On some rural Afghans’ read of the religious movement-Clarissa Ward

I think the religious movement has one advantage on its facet, that is that their version of shariah law could also be lawgiver and harsh, however they need a name for implementing swift justice and it isn’t corrupt. it should be harsh, however it isn’t corrupt. and then that will gain them heaps of supporters.

On what rural Afghan girls told Ward during a Taliban-held space

When you come in the cities otherwise you consult with folks that square measure a lot of educated … those girls square measure on the verge doubtless of losing everything, and their stories can rip your heart call at ways in which you cannot imagine.