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Prime Minister Imran Khan exclusive interview to CNN .

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan esaid the simplest method forward for peace and stability in Asian country is to have interaction with the Taliban . And also

“incentivize” them on problems like women’s rights and inclusive government.

Speaking to CNN from his non-public Bani Gala residence in Islamabad on weekday.

Khan spoke concerning enduring what he perceived as a “terrible” relationship with the U.S that’s calamitous for Asian country.

Moreover if it goes wrong and that is what we tend to are extremely disturbed concerning, it might visit chaos.

the largest humanitarian crisis, an enormous exile downside,” Imran Khan said.

Khan claimed that the Taliban are searching for international aid to avoid a crisis for “the right direction towards legitimacy.”

However he warned that Outside forces couldnot controlled Asian country

The militant cluster has tried to burnish its international credentials, , notably obviously relating to ladies and women, and permit journalists to continue with their work.

Whereas Protests against Taliban rule and for civil rights are violently suppressed.

Women In Government:

“It’s a slip to suppose that somebody from outside can provide Afghan ladies rights. Afghan ladies are sturdy. provide them time. they’ll get their rights,” said Khan.

Imran Khan : US Withdrawal

That’s one thing Khan does not feel Asian country whereas enjoyed throughout the US twenty year war in Asian country. “We (Pakistan) were sort of a shooter,” Khan said.
Above all, Khan said he cannot destroy his country to “fight somebody else’s war.”

I told the United States of America that we tend to aren’t getting to take them on militarily as a result of initial.

We’ve got to serve the individuals. My responsibility would are to the individuals of my country,” Khan esaid.