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giant Anaconda Found in Construction Building in Brazil

A giant anaconda was found in an under construction building in Brazil that created an alarm condition among the people living in the close zones.
Witnessing a much giant snake is not a rare thing in different parts of the world particularly in African countries where giant areas are covered by the dense forests. Though, it is quite rare to find an anaconda in an urban area.
The occupied people trapped a giant anaconda in the evidences of an under construction building. It took them by astonishment as they were witnessing such a giant creature for the first time in an area which is fairly unacquainted for people living in close areas of this city in Brazil.
However, the rescue teams arrived on the spot and they took this creature away that made people nous painful. It was one of the most terrifying thing for many among the rescue teams and they had not seen such a giant anaconda in actual in their whole life.
Anacondas are amongst the most powerful and giant creatures living on planet earth but they typically live in areas with water mainly near forests away from the human population. Though, it was an appalling thing that this giant create was found in urban parts of Brazil.