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Mother Gives Birth to Miracle baby

An Indian mother has given birth to a miracle baby who looks very old actually. His face is very much alike to a 105-year old person. The child has really born with a birth disorders which are very collective these days. Such events are stated when new born were found in weird physical circumstances due to medical complaints.
Birth disorders have improved all over London because of several reasons. One the main reason can be measured pollution. Though, a large use of arms and chemicals has also put bas effect on the health. It can be measured a miracle if a woman gives birth to a normal child in such circumstances. Use of a percentage of chemicals in food has also caused badly.
Nearly every food available in markets is filled with fake ingredients. Serving with decent health with these types of food also becomes a miracle. Some hospitals in London have turn out to be specialists in control of birth disorders. These British hospitals have saved several precious lives as fit.
Hospitals in London have done a miracle in regulatory the birth disorders. Almost every mother is given special courtesy if she is found in any serious deformity. Children born with deformities are saved in big measure than in past due to extra care. Use of up-to-date medical meatheads has also helped a lot in this respect.