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Two legged camel surprises the world

ALLAH displays his signs to prover his mastery, specialist and command over this universe. There are individuals who be familiar with these symbols and use them to be on the conventional focused path. Though, there is no lack of minds who just brush these symbols aside by stating them a substance of science.
Such is the case with this newscast item as a camel born in dessert of Arabia with only two legs. People who were existent there started doing tasbeeh in praise of eventual creator, Allah almighty. Verily, ALLAH is the chief of all universes and ALLAH can do anything by just saying “Be It”.
Preliminary reports suggest that such cases happen quite often in Arabian dessert but they never get described. While, medical experts are working on to solve this mystery, the owner of this camel declared it a miracle. There is no doubt in that nothing can happen without the consent of ALLAH almighty.
Though, we should not close doors of research and improvement by declaring the whole thing mere a miracle. ALLAH shows these signs to provide man a lead, a push to think. This is the real determination of every creation and we must focus on such things to extent the ultimate reality.