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black camel in pakistan

Qurbāni (Arabic: قربان‎) (or أضحية Udhiyyah as referred to in Islamic Law) is the sacrifice of a cattle animal during Eid al-Adha. The word is associated to the Hebrew qorbān “offering” and Syriac qurbānā “sacrifice”, etymologised over and done with the cognate Arabic triliteral as “a way or resources of oncoming someone” or “nearness”.[1] In Shariah Udhiyya would refer to the sacrifice of a detailed animal, offered by a specific person, on exact days to seek Allah’s pleasure and reward.

The word qurban seems thrice in the Quran and in once in Sura Al-Ma’ida in place to animal sacrifice. In the other two places the Quran speaks of sacrifice in the general logic, referring to any act which may bring one closer to Allah. Other suitable terms are Dhabihah, Udhiyah and Nahar. A fifth term Zabah states to normal Islamic slaughter free standing the days of Udhiyah.