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Yulin, festival in China

Every year, a gentle event called Yulin is held in China in which millions of animals are not only routed but contrived to expiry.
The animals are kept in really trivial enclosures that are made for just 2-3 animals and videos disclose that they keep even 10-15 animals considered for 2-3 animal cage.
This is totally against the animal rights and different NGOs all crosswise the world is demanding to rise this issue on dissimilar stages.
The video cassette on the internet reveal that the Chinese people burn the covering of dogs and then they reserve of cook the dogs totally.
Also, they eliminate casings of altered animals while they are alive and they don’t destroy them since they think it will ruin the skin which they plan to use for altered determinations.
This is nothing but act of meanness and this must be stationary. Either they should stop or they must adjustment the way they rejoice their festival. They should slaughter the animals in a correct way so that they shouldn’t go concluded such pain.