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Pet lion attacks its owner

A small video footage was collective on the network from London by somebody. It was about the behaviour of Pet Lion with the small Kids in families or similar places. In the video footage, it was narrated that animals are always very near hurting the small children while playing with them. In some events kids have grieved severely.

The film has shared with a note about same lesson for parents in London who leaves children unattended with Pet Lion and other animals often. Any animal, small or big cannot be a friend of individuals since ever. Having nature of wild behaviour at times, it becomes very risky to keep pets with small and cleared families in homes.

Media in London reports very often about some events connecting Pet Lion or any other animal. These animals have always become a motive for hurting children. Some people have even then not ever educated lessons and still leave children and let them play with animals. It will be measured a very senseless act by people and very risky clearly.


Not only in London, for any parent in the world, has safety of children had first priority always. Leaving a child with pet Lion to play with or any other animal may cause tragic incident at any time. It also reasons handover of different diseases to small children and make them suffer with infection.


It may be a valuable factor for some time but looking at long term solutions, it may turn out to be unsafe in every way. Animals should always be kept in distinct places, away from children, not like individuals retain them in their communities in London. Parents must not leave their kids with the pet Lion in any conditions.