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Australian girl in sea with shark

In this video, the girl who has been take on by a shark is display. The TV show called ‘Shark Week’, is showing the interview of that girl who was take on by shark and she got very wounded.

She is telling the spectators that she was whirling as she usually does. She sensed somewhat close her. When the girl underway swimming with speed, the shark condemned her.

She is telling that the shark gathered her leg and she was incapable to move her body. The rescue team who were trying to take the girl to their boat turn into failed at the first try.

The girl said that she faced the loss. She thought that I will die today but then she recalls her mother and tried hard. After her trying, she became successful to save her life and the rescue team trapped her to their boat.

In this way the girl was kept. She is telling that it was an actual practice of her life when she touched the death but now she is alive and is amongst us.