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ISIS stoned young girl to death

ISIS is the new name of terrorism in the world. The main dissimilarity among ISIS and the other terrorist organisations is that ISIS has heavy economic ads as well.
These financial ads are coming from the dissimilar countries in the world. The money trails are very solid to be chased but not terrible to get reached.
The publicity of being Islamic by ISIS is failing very vastly. The world has unstated that ISIS has unknown to do with the Islam.
Islam teaches us love and brotherhood. However, ISIS is occupied totally in contradiction of the Islamic ideas. They disrespect women by marketing them like slaves.
Islam has no such teachings or traditions in which you can sell or buy girls as slaves. Islam trusts in the freedom of each and every distinct.
The world has to choose that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or any religion in the world. It is a collection of barbaric smugglers and killers who are selling the belonging of their dead to the Western countries.