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French army involved in crimes in Algeria

French soldiers were involved in discreditable combat corruptions in Algeria. The soldiers were initiate embarrassed in rape and slaying cases. French executives destroyed hundreds of men and raped every young girl. Furthermore, they taken pictures of the victims as well. The French army in Algeria from 1954 to 1962 were tasks carried out to keep order.
” In opposition, to confess the fact of the war would have involved springy the Algerian nationalists the position of belligerents, which was out of the enquiry. In the face of the several problems they met, the French government swiftly established a state of emergency and selected in a law giving the government exceptional controls in Algeria, in fact granting the administration a free hand in substances connecting to this country.
At that time, France had formerly become a party to the Geneva Conventions, but forbidden to consider their appeal to the case of Algeria. On the other hand, the French government decided the International Red Cross the authority to inspect the custody circumstances of captives held by the French military without detecting the intrinsic challenge in this semi-acknowledgement of the rights of their opponent.
In realism, the form of combat corruptions briefs all faults. In addition, some war crimes were even certified by official statement, as was the case with evaluation implementations. From a lawful point of view, Algerians should have been enclosed by the fourth Geneva Convention, which deals with the defence of citizens who became victims in the hands of the opponent. It also regulates custody, and forbids the taking of captives and exile.