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God’s fury sends fire tornado

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Fire tornado in Australia scared the populations and compelled them to travel towards the safe places. The 30-meter-high fire tornado was 300 meter away from the populace and it spread horror amongst the people. There was no wind, but the tornado sounded like a jet combatant while the weather was effortlessly still and it was about 25 degrees Celsius.
The experts are unable to give a logical cause of the fire tornado and investigating on the phenomenon. Rendering to the reports, researchers have extended contemplated about the ability of a fire to produce a tornado, but until now they have not been able to systematically show it.
The research worried collecting an enormous amount of confirmation from the Canberra bushfires. The report also settles that whirls rarely last more than a few minutes and their altitude is between 20 to thirty meter. Natural disasters are problematic to cope and human being discoveries it abandoned before them.
Even usual misfortunes are incapable to forecast and root millions of lives. Though, the climatic changes are overstating the state and making the situation worse. It is essential to control global warming in order to preserve the atmosphere temperature.