Home Entertainment Indian soldiers start competition with Pakistani army on border

Indian soldiers start competition with Pakistani army on border

Wahga Border is one of the bulging places of entertainment for the common community of Pakistan and India. People of both the countries come here to relish the parade of the armed forces. The forces of together the countries do dissimilar stimulating tasks which are relished by the people.
A parade is showed on daily basis on the border. People mostly come to the border in order to see the parade. Best of the times, the situation of Wahga Border continued peaceful. But there often noticed the violation of rules by the Indian forces.
According to the details provided by the international media, the soldiers of Border Security Force of India ongoing competition with the soldiers of Pakistan Rangers. The mishap happened on the Wahga Border during the parade ceremony. The people worried to see the competition among the soldiers.
The commander of BSF contacted with the Chief of Pakistan armed force and excused from him. The commander said that it was the mistake of the Indian soldiers who started competition during the service. The substance was gritty by the mutual collaboration of both the representatives.
Some people also captured the irregular moments of competition between the soldiers. The news channels also reported about the happening of the mishap on Wahga Border. The situation was getting out of control when the competition started. Happening of such incidents is the sign of negligence of the commanders of the armed forces.