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Human soul and Islam, science views

Scientists have showed the Islamic theory about the human soul by using dissimilar trials. They showed that Islamic theory is correct and the human soul and body are two dissimilar things. They used ultrasound and X-Ray to sense the vibration and movement of the soul.
Co-author Dr. Becker Mertens wrote in a letter that attended the revision that “The inevitable assumption is that we have now established the reality of the human soul and single-minded its weight.
Though almost scientists were directly critical of the study’s results, physicist Dr. Teena, who was part of the research team replied by pointing out that the scientists were cautious to account for all weight differences counting air leaving lungs.
The video has started a new debate on the social media. Some individuals respected the methods of the scientists while many others disallowed it and said that there was nothing like a soul. Islam has told hundreds of years ago about the attendance of the soul and knowledgeable that the soul leaves the body.
Islam is a whole code of life and illuminates all doubts of its followers. Soul is a memorable things and leaves body after death. Scientists and researchers have verified the Islamic theory and additional miracle of Islam have showed once again. Islam requests people to take part in research and technology and initiate new ways of life. Though, Scientists have showed Islam is virtuous religion.